I had the opportunity to fly to Herzogenaurach, Germany and present my winning creative concepts to senior members of Adidas design teams and compete in a design challenge among other finalists.
The project included 3 different tasks intended to showcase my creative process and were to be undertaken within only a 1 week deadline.
Task 1: Juxtaposition
-Take "sports" and "punk" and clash them together to create something new.
-Highlight the contrast between the two.
-Use the aesthetics and meaning of both to make a real statement about something.
I created a juxtaposition of two female athletes that embody the idea of "punk" through their accomplishments in their sport. 
Kathrine Switzer (right) represents the female athlete of the past that was a key trailblazer in women's athletics. Robin Arzon (left) represents the female athlete of the present redefining and progressing women's athletics.
Combined, they represent female empowerment, broken barriers, and the evolution of the meaning behind the phrase, "run like a girl" .
Inspiration: Contrast, juxtaposition, clashed elements, & bold colors 
Robin Arzon is a New York Times best-selling author, Adidas brand ambassador for, former corporate lawyer, Vice President of Peloton Cycle, hostage survivor, and competitive runner despite being diagnosed with diabetes at age 32. Her career after being a lawyer has been centered around creating female athletic empowerment.
Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon. She finished despite race directors physically attempting to force her out of the race due to her gender. Now at age 70, she still competes in marathons and is an inspiration for female athletes of all generations.
Task 2: Pattern and Print
-Create a repeat pattern that conveys movement
-It must be deeper than blurring and motion lines by capturing the whole essence of physical movement.
-Use shape, color, and repetition
Inspiration: Motion, energy, vibrance, Adidas fabric patterns, and interesting vector patterns 
Early Ideations 
Task 3: Single Cover
-Recall a piece of music that inspires a "hyper ready-for-anything" mood for athletes. 
-Create a "12x12" cover that conveys the mood and music.

Song Choice: "Cold Water" by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber

The design was created using mixed nail polish captured by photograph, and edited digitally. 
Inspiration: Liquid elements, suggestions of energy, pops of bright colors, movement, organic elements, and a sense of fluidity. 
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