Building Blocks for Kids is an organization in Cincinnati that helps fund children with disabilities. Their mission is to bridge the funding gap for products & services that help improve the quality of life for these children.
While working at LPK I worked with a team to rebrand this organization. My role in the project was to design the website and assist with the creation of brand attributes. 
Step 1: Logo, identity, and brand attributes

The Building Blocks for Kids’ logo is built of three building blocks that represent three essential parts of the charity: the families in need, kids helped, and donors making grants possible. These three blocks overlap to build a heart-shape, which represents the compassion that ties the BB4K family together.

Building Block's for Kid's photography communicates its goal of improving quality of life for families and children.

It focuses on the positive experiences and outcomes the organization provides. Photos evoke a sense of:
Step 2: Website
Before vs After
The new homepage design creates a clean, efficient, and emotionally compelling user experience. The content flow caters to our two primary audience groups - new and existing donors, and new and existing families/recipients. The content and design work together to drive users to the Call-To-Action button to donate.
The updated site is now live! Go to:
The following are assets created by the team.

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