The goal of this project is to redesign Women’s Health magazine. 
As a fitness and health enthusiast, I feel frustrated over the fact that most women’s health related magazines have a heavy visual emphasis on appearance and weight loss. This supposedly “health” focused magazine industry is fueling body obsessions, perfectionism, a dieting culture, eating disorders, and negative attitudes. 
As a designer, I also felt frustrated over the flashy and busy covers seen on nearly all women’s health and fitness related magazines.
Despite the negative visual aspects seen in Women’s Health, the magazine contains a fair amount of strong articles featuring content matching Flow magazine objectives. I went through dozens of magazines and chose to redesign articles with content related to self improvement and positivity. The new articles all have improved visual consistency, typography, and motivating imagery. 
My imagery came from athletic brands such as Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and Asics. I believe the athletic brand photography successfully captures the inspiration and movement I am trying to project in the Flow brand.
-Emphasis on appearance
-Busy and chaotic
-Message: Look sexy

-Emphasis on ability and movement
-Simple, clean, and modern
-Message: Be inspired to become your best self
I designed the wordmark with the intention of combining femininity, movement, and strength. 

I chose the title "flow" after listening to Mihaly Csikszentmihaly's TED Talk called "Flow, the Secret to Happiness" ( His talk about "flow" accurately fits how I want my magazine to be viewed. Flow is a state that leads to self-improvement, happiness, and a good mindset. All of these traits go well with the magazine's core values.

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