The purpose of the project was to choose a topic with a vast amount of information that could be organized in a visually compelling way on an infographic. I was required to include over 100 facts with all aesthetics created by me. After creating the infographic, I created an application that also included similar information. 
As a passionate yogini, I decided to make the topic of the 7 chakras more approachable to my audience. My infographic explains the purpose of chakras, how they affect an individual, and the relationship chakras have with yoga. All illustrations were done by me.

In addition to my poster, I also created branding and packaging for a hypothetical tea company. I did this because one of the many ways to balance chakras is using food and/or drinks of a certain color, scent, or ingredient. 
Each package of NamasTEA is meant to assist in balancing a certain chakra. All of the packages include information about each chakra as well as tea inside that is made of ingredients that correspond with the given chakra. When a consumer is looking to buy NamasTEA, he or she can use the infographic to help determine which type of tea is best for his or her well being. 

*The package images below were modeled from scratch in Cinema 4D
Below is my process work. I began with inspiration, then made sketches to explore content organization, and then I finally painted my illustrations with watercolors.
watercolor sketches
I used myself as a model for the logo.
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