A local yoga studio commissioned me to design a poster explaining the 7 chakras in an infographic. They gave me a list of 100 facts they wanted to include and requested custom illustrations. After creating the infographic, I 3D modeled tea packaging to go with the poster. 

In addition to my poster, I also created branding and packaging for the tea they sell.
Each package of NamasTEA is meant to assist in balancing a certain chakra. All of the packages include information about each chakra as well as tea inside that is made of ingredients that correspond with the given chakra. When a consumer is looking to buy NamasTEA, he or she can use the infographic to help determine which type of tea is best for his or her well being. 

*The package images below were modeled from scratch in Cinema 4D
Below is my process work. I began with inspiration, then made sketches to explore content organization, and then I finally painted my illustrations with watercolors.
watercolor sketches
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